Minimize those Screens

So for a few weeks now I have been reducing the amount of screen intake my brain gets. Be it, TV, Phone, or Computer, it has been used at a far lesser scale than in previous days. I admit, the difficulty is dramatically harder than quitting smoking, (I did that too, and trust me…).

When you quit smoking, you can stop buying cigarettes, do things to bide your time when you feel the urge, etc. But what happens when my wife is all about some new show, and tries to tempt me to watch it with her. I usually leave the room and read a book. But it is HARD.

Reading has become my new substitute, and was originally the main reason I quit technology. I can say with absolute surety that the amount of technology your brain experiences, effects drastically, your ability to focus.

Before quitting, I had attempted to read ONE essay by John Zerzan called Future Primitive, and it took me around three days to complete. However, after quitting, I was able to read almost four of his essays in half that time, as well as nearly the entirety of Slaughterhouse V by Kurt Vonnegut.

Simple idea, I know, but practice makes perfect, and the practice is hard. Quitting the screens might be the greatest difficulty you come across in your journey.

Peace and Resist.

PS. Deleting Facebook over a year ago has definitely helped.


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