Don’t Think Outside the Box, Think “There is no Box”

Civilization is nothing more than a prison; when you really get down to it. The idea, the implementation, and the consequent lifestyle, returns nothing, but discontent. Slavery to time has drawn us into an endless maelstrom of selfishness.


Let us summarize the generic American career. You wake up laying on a box, inside a box. There’s a ringing box that tells you that you are late for work. You get in your wheeled box, drive down the street passing other wheeled boxes, to the city of boxes. You enter the large corporate box, get into a box, and go up 10 floors. You walk to your little box, turn on your box, and zombie mode kicks in until 5 pm. At 5pm, you get leave your box, inside the corporate box, and you get into your wheeled box, that takes you back to your living box. You sit on your couch (or box) and turn on the box that puts you back into zombie mode until 10pm. At which time you go up the stairs, get on top of your box, and go to sleep.


Your dreams are different however. Your dreams are of unicorns. Your dreams are of trees. Your dreams are of mountains, and streams. Your dreams are of love, and exuberant life. Your dreams are weird. Your dreams are not of this world, because this world is not what is meant for us.

The world that is out there, the world we live in, is a lie. It’s a big lie, it’s boxed us into a life we think we love, but truly we desire so much more. It has imprisoned us with its promise of wealth, fame, sex, and recognition. It has imprisoned us with the promise of green grass, white picket fences, pool parties, and barbecues. It has imprisoned us with the promise of entertainment, and never-ending celebrity drama; drains our minds with machismo, in helmets and tights. All the while, we lose what was given to us.

We are humans. Interaction is a moral imperative. It is what keeps us alive. Companionship is what makes our lives have meaning, and when we give away that one thing, we give away our humanity.  Civilization has destroyed us. Civilization eats away at our humanity. Every day we lose what we are, we lose who we love, and we lose our minds. Civilization, and its Frankenstein step-child, technology, is the key to mankind’s restoration. Its destruction that is.

We love our internets. We love our video games, our television, our Facebook, and our iPods. We love them, because we love ourselves, and no one else. These things have removed our self-sufficiency, and our ability to connect, our ability to love, and feel. We are drones. Civilized drones. Wealthy, soulless drones. Black suit and tie wearing, homeless snubbing, drones. Warmongering, child killing drones.

And we have allowed this. Civilization has given us this, and we have received it with open arms, greeting out death with happiness, and blind obedience to our master.

We must resist. We must defy the god we have created. Our slavery is our creation, and only we can end it.

Civilization is a prison, a slave master, a false god. Civilization is a box. But we don’t need to think outside of it. We need to defy it.

Peace and Resist


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