Like a treasure in a field

Treasure in a Field (Artist Unknown)
Treasure in a Field (Artist Unknown)

Matthew 13:44 “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.”

Often this passage is used as a template for how to live a Christian life. When we find Jesus, our treasure, we should give up all to follow him; give up all to gain access to him. All of this is quite valid. I believe whole-heartedly that we are to give up everything we have, to follow Jesus, and he will whole-heartedly give us back what we need to follow him to our ability that best suits his needs.

Recently, however, at a Public Meeting of our church, someone commented after our Pastor gave his talk, that this person was so grateful that HE(the commenter) was the treasure in the field, and that God was the man who sold all for that field. This may not be novel, or new, but it was to me. It was incredibly powerful. I realized just how important I was to God; just how much Jesus loved me, that he sold his life to the evils of the Empire, in order to save me. I realized that I am not a worthless human, whom God came to save out of his pity and mercy.

I am huge to God.

When I realized that fact, I realized much more. I am not the only huge thing to God. The woman I married was too. My best friend who’s been through some of the worst shit I can imagine, is hugely important to God. The friends, and old, and new family that I have, and neighbors, are important to God. Everyone in my life, and everyone in your life is a huge deal to God. So important that he sold everything he loved, and everything he had for you; his treasure.

I would sell anything. But…maybe not a VW Thing…

Thinking about this sent me even deeper. What if, emulating Jesus, means emulating God’s sacrifice as well. Emulate the parable to your neighbors. Your neighbors, and friends are so important to God, and you are Jesus to them, therefore, should you not sell all you have to buy the treasure that they are for God? After all “The Kingdom of God is within [us],” and if that is so, why should we not give up everything for the Kingdom within others.