Jesus loves Darren Wilson

In the rising tsunami of peaceful protests, violent riots, and town hall meetings, one thing has become clear. People hate Darren Wilson. Every single day Facebook is chock-full of photos, articles, and videos, about the pre-present-post shooting of Mike Brown, and the villianization of his murderer. The things seen are sometimes disturbing, going places I can’t imagine. The problem then spreads like a plague.

Justice is not always what we think it is.
Justice is not always what we think it is.

When followers of Jesus see injustice, and oppression, we often feel obligated to rise to the support of the hurting. Racial injustice in this world is scary, and followers of Jesus often feel the hurt with the oppressed just as Jesus did in his day. But the love of Jesus does not spread to the oppressed alone. While it is imperative that we focus our efforts on the hurting, we need to realize, that the physically hurting, and oppressed, are not the only people who have pain. Often the oppressor is hurting and oppressed in their own way, in their heart.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. When his followers attempt such, we should not discriminate. One way, or the other. If we are to stand with the oppressed, we need to love the oppressor, which is what Jesus specifically demanded.

Whether or not you see Darren Wilson’s murder of Mike Brown justified based on the prior circumstances; or if you see Darren Wilson’s murder of Mike Brown as a heinous act of racial injustice, one thing you may not do, is hate him.

As Jesus followers, we are required to love Darren Wilson. His soul is in pain just as Mike Brown’s was, just as the Parents of Mike Brown are hurting. Darren Wilson’s murder was a result of an ingrained, system that has been in development for thousands of years. What he did is nothing new, and will never be old. But we need to ensure Wilson and other police ‘murderers,’ receive love, and forgiveness, just as Jesus loved and forgave his murderers.

As a follower of Jesus, I have decided to forgive Wilson, and others like him, for what they have done, regardless of how painfully horrible what they have done was.

Jesus wants people like Darren Wilson in the Kingdom of God, and we as Jesus Followers better damn sure want the same.