A Jesus Response to Racial Violence

Loudly. Jesus would have responded loudly. Perhaps yelled, indignant thrashing of inanimate objects with a stick, or maybe a bull-whip. Who knows?

Found this on a blog that no one should ever visit.
Found this on a blog that no one should ever visit.

We as people who understand Jesus, know that his life was one of a roving radical. Against all odds, against all empire, Jesus stood for justice, and peace. In the face of the absolute chaos of a civilized, and orderly, empire of religious structure, racial tension, and radical violence, Jesus stood out, and he stood out loudly.

Jesus spoke out against the evils of the day using riddles, and confounding the rulers of Palestine; he broke the “law,” while being perfect, entirely fulfilled the Law. He healed, and fed the poor and destitute, and demanded his true followers follow in suit. However, he also knew of the heart, and the brokenness of the world. He knew that the only change that could come about in a damaged, civilized, entirely destructive culture, was his ministry of Love.

photo credit: Joshua Grace www.ghostridethewhip.wordpress.com
photo credit: Joshua Grace

As I mull over these ideas, I think this is how we ought to react as Jesus followers in a nation where Jesus isn’t even the last thought on many “Christians” minds. We need, of COURSE, to react to these events in protests, demanding legislation, and demanding recompense for the evil done by the broken; while at the same time expressing our forgiveness, and love for the evildoer as well. But Jesus also knew that demanding change from a system, does not change make. The system will always be broken. We may change legislation every 4 years, and still in ten centuries, have a destructive, and racially biased society. What needs to change is the heart.

Jesus is the only Water that can open the crusted, and dried seed of the broken human heart; and Jesus is the only Light that can blossom that seedling into something beautiful. No matter how broken, how evil, how encrusted in racism, oppressive behavior, or violence, or Nationalism, or even Christianity, Jesus can break through.

The system must change, and we as Jesus followers must attempt, and work, to change it, however, the system will not save the heart of a person to whom the system oppresses, or protects. Jesus needs to be the lens through which we make the change, and should always remain our main focus. We need to ensure that when we make these changes, the people who are being affected know why. Not because what is acceptable, or not acceptable needs to change. But because we want people to see Justice, and Peace, and know Jesus through it.

Without Jesus, change just falls through the hole in the pocket of society. Without Jesus, good, honest, and Just legislation, just crumbles. Without Jesus any good we do, is just good enough. Real change is through Jesus’ Love, work, and peace.

Or at least that’s what I think. What do you think?