Vous êtes mon Coeur

I love the band Gungor. Their latest music specifically, challenging some core theologies of the Christian orthodoxy. However one of their older songs, not necessarily my favorite, recently spoke to me. The song is “You are my heart”, title in french, Vous êtes mon coeur. It’s quiet, beautiful and is essentially a conversation between Yeshua and his lover.

I’ve heard this song a million times. But when Deep Green Resistance recently posted a status update about courage, I got to thinking. The root for courage is in fact the word coeur or heart. I tend to think simple things are incredibly brilliant, and this is one of them. I thought about having courage, to do the work of the Messiah, and when I thought about it this way it was different for me. Not just “having heart” like some losing football team, who, believing they can win, suddenly pulls ahead with a hail Mary pass or something. But having the Heart.

The Great Spirit of YHWH is within us. When Yeshua Messiah tells us to love him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, he was speaking of loving him, as opening ourselves up to accepting his ruach, to come into us, fill us with the same coeur as himself, and bring us into community with others of the same spirit/ruach/mind. That is not all however.

Yeshua Messiah did not just come to save us, and give us power to help ourselves, and our communities. He gave us the courage to withstand the Empire, and to fight injustice just as he did. We are to be followers of his way, to be “after his own Heart.” Our courage is one of resistance, and one of community, giving, and Love.

When I consider the being of one mind as our pastor at Circle of Hope recently spoke about, I think the heart is of the same context. Being courageous together, standing together, as sisters and brothers in the Messiah, with our communities, and our poor neighbors, and our oppressed brothers and sisters around the world, we are not to sit idly by. We are not to passively condemn injustice (guilty), but to stand out amongst our communities, to be courageous as was Yeshua. To be full of his heart, to be full of his strength, and fight the injustice that we know should be fought.


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